The Infernal Devices Q&A

"Tessa: what would you tell Jem if he questioned you about your burnt hand?" I said it was an accident.

"Gabriel: Would you date Cecily out of revenge?" Who’s Cecily?

"Tessa, who is better kisser: Jem or Will?" Oh dear, very improper, but they are both…well, it’s imposisble to choose!

"Magnus: would you ever date a shadowhunter?" I should think not.


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Miss Jessamine was dressed in a long velvet traveling cloak that concealed most of her body, from her neck to her feet. Her hair was bound tightly behind her head, and she carried a gentleman’s hat in one hand.
Clockwork Prince teaser
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Deleted scene from Clockwork Angel #2

Nate and Tessa discuss Jessamine while she isn’t around.

You know,” said Nate, “I’m feeling rather parched—I think I’d like some tea. If we could ring for a servant?

Oh, dear, you must be parched. I’m afraid I’ve been a most negligent hostess.” Jessamine rose, all distress. “There are no bells in the library, but I’ll get Sophie and have her ask Agnes to make up a tray for you.

She hurried from the room, smoothing her skirts down as she went. Nate watched her go with an appreciative glance before turning back to Tessa, who shot him a dubious look.

You don’t really want tea,” she said. “You hate tea.”

I do, but I love my little sister.” He grinned at her. “You were looking miserable. I take it you don’t like Jessamine much? Why not? She seems delightful to me.

She is delightful to you. Not so much to the rest of us." Tessa thought of Jessamine clinging to her in Hyde Park and hesitated. "It’s just—she’s like a child. Cruel sometimes and kind other times, at a whim. Other people aren’t real to her. Of course she likes you—you’re not a Shadowhunter. She despises Shadowhunters.

Does she?" Nate’s voice deepened the way it did when he was genuinely interested in something.