“He found himself wanting to write poetry about how her blue eyes were like starlight and her hair like night, because “night” and “starlight” rhymed, but he had a feeling the poem wouldn’t turn out that well…” 

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“Cecily held her blazing seraph blade out in front of her; she looked absolutely fearless.”
-Clockwork Princess


i knew it was going to happen and it is


they shared a look. your argument is invalid

welp, i called cebriel


So, being the grabby little fangirl that I am, I wrote down Cassie’s reading of the Clockwork Princess exerpt to flail over at a later date.

Flail with me, fandom.

(Spoilers for CP1 under the Read More)

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"Tessa: what would you tell Jem if he questioned you about your burnt hand?" I said it was an accident.

"Gabriel: Would you date Cecily out of revenge?" Who’s Cecily?

"Tessa, who is better kisser: Jem or Will?" Oh dear, very improper, but they are both…well, it’s imposisble to choose!

"Magnus: would you ever date a shadowhunter?" I should think not.


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