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"Tessa: what would you tell Jem if he questioned you about your burnt hand?" I said it was an accident.

"Gabriel: Would you date Cecily out of revenge?" Who’s Cecily?

"Tessa, who is better kisser: Jem or Will?" Oh dear, very improper, but they are both…well, it’s imposisble to choose!

"Magnus: would you ever date a shadowhunter?" I should think not.


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The Infernal Devices Q&A

“Will, are you attracted to someone you don’t think you should like?”(@Sarah_Beth_09)


“Jem wouldn’t you rather be out living your life to the fullest.” (@bookworm0510)

-”Jem: How am I not doing that? This is what I want to do.”

“Magnus, if you could make Alec immortal, would you?”

-”No, I wouldn’t.”

“So Tessa, so do you have any plans on deciding who you enjoy more? is it Will or Jem?”

-”I don’t think either is interested!”

“Jem, do you think Will is a wee bit crazed?”

-”Will is quite mad, but he is my responsibility.”

” Jocelyn would you ever consider having another child?” (@codysAminion)

-”I don’t plan on it but if it happened that would be all right.

Be aware that some of the questions asked include spoilers from “City of Fallen Angels,” so if you haven’t read it yet STOP READING:

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Cassandra Clare conducts brief character Q & A

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